What does being a learner really look like?

Want To Grow Beyond What You Know? Try These 5 Learner...

You need to continuously seek learning opportunities if you want to grow. So how can you ensure you are learning all the time?

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Identifying and developing your future leaders

Sourcing your leaders internally not only improves engagement in your business but allows you to play a leading role in their upskilling.
Meet the Herrmann bears!

Adopt a new way of thinking: Meet our Bears!

Learning to embrace the thinking preferences we tend to avoid is no small feat. That's why we offer up bears to help you on your journey - let's meet them!
Improve your leadership approach by understanding your team

Improve your leadership approach by understanding your team

Here at Herrmann we know that a better understanding of thinking preferences can be transformative in so many different ways. We sat down with Senior Executive...
Comparing Employee Assessments

Comparing Employee Assessments: The HBDI® and the MBTI®

In this ongoing comparing assessments blog series, Anne Griswold, our Whole Brain® Thinking Catalyst, is taking a look at the similarities and differences of...


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