Stay organised this year with some helpful tips from the Herrmann team!

Stay organised this year with these 10 tips

As we navigate 2018, we should make organisation a priority. After all, when we better organise our lives, we pave a much clearer path to success. So how can you get more organised this year? Let's take a look at some of the top tips.

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Diversity is more than skin deep, it also includes different thinking preferences.

Diversity of thought: What are the different types of thinkers?

Leveraging the full power of diversity has a lot more to do with the brain than you might think. The more thinking styles you have in your organisation, the better.
How can you encourage more high performance teams?

3 thinking exercises that can help create high-performing teams

When we focus on understanding the thinking styles of those around us we have a better chance of developing a truly high-performing team.
How can you be more engaging as a leader?

The engagement debate: Why leaders need to invest

Employee engagement should be a core focus for any business. What can leaders do to better engage their team members? Let's explore.

Identifying and developing your future leaders

Sourcing your leaders internally not only improves engagement in your business but allows you to play a leading role in their upskilling.


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